About Us

hey I’m Aditya Kaushik..

I haven’t swashbuckled with people, nor have I swam the English Channel. I haven’t been to Antarctica. However, I have made a trip to numerous distant spots, made a great deal of still and moving pictures for myself as well as other people. Also, I’ve made it my all-consuming purpose to be as imaginative as conceivable towards all that I try.

On an island, I’d go crazy without photography, film, music, my friends and family. Narrating, inventive development, and visual voodoo – regardless of the medium – cause my heart to go pound and sharing this online with the world, in addition to as quite a bit of my expert experience I can assemble, causes my spirit to sing. I’m enamoured with crows, and love that they’ll fly toward anything gleaming. I can discover humour in anything.

 I was transparent long before it was hip to be so, and I believe deeply in teamwork, management, and collaboration. Let’s be friends. Better yet, let’s swim the Black and White Photography Channel.